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Saw Blades

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The simplicity of a circular saw blade design is in reality a highly complex balance of technical considerations. Each blade has to make a specific type of cut, and this requires careful analysis of materials, hook and grinding angles, gullet designs, as well as location of sound dampening slots and the thickness of the blade - just to name a few. We supply a vast range of the highest quality blades for all different applications cutting wood, wood based boards, plastics, acrylic & composites.

We stock circular saw blades from some of the best manufacturers, including CMT, OMAS, AKE and Swedex. With a huge variety of bore sizes, widths, diameters and number of teeth, we'll get the circular saw blade correct to the mm. 

If you would like any help in selecting the best circular saw, please call us in order to get the best performance solution for your application.

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  1. CMT 236 Sawblade PCD D=250 d=30 z=16 B=2.1-2.2
    CMT part no:236.250.16M CMT 236 series PCD sawblades for ultra-hard materials Application: for rip and crosscuts on abrasive m...
    Lead Time: 17 Days
    List £286.80
    Inc Vat £158.40
  2. CMT 286 Saw Blade D=250 d=30 z=16 B=2.8
    CMT part no:286.016.10M CMT 286 series sawblade for building contractors Teeth height 6 - 10mm CHROMIUM Gra...
    In Stock
    List £40.80
    Inc Vat £25.20
    As low as £22.68
  3. CMT 289 Split scoring D=70 B=2.8-3.6 d=20 z=8+8
    • Teeth height mm: 7
    • CHROMIUM Grade ISO: KCR06
    • Hardness (HV10): 1.950
    In Stock
    List £109.20
    Inc Vat £52.80
    As low as £47.52
  4. OMAS TCT Rip Saw Blade d=30 D=200 Z=16 V= B=2 HW
    Blade Art 316 200X2,0X30 Z=16 HW w/ Teeth Alternate HIgh quality rip saw blade...
    Lead Time: 19 Days
    List £43.91
    Inc Vat £36.00
  5. OMAS 318 Multi Rip Saw Blades
    • </span>
    • D = Diameter 200 - 400 mm
    • d = Bore Size 30 - 80 [other sizes on request]
    In Stock
    As low as £34.80
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