Used Centauro R800 Resaw - As Is

this Ex Jewson Centauro R800 is a proven pitless resaw with a large 15hp motor, pneumatic braking, tilting table, cast iron wheels

The pneumatic feeder for control and semi automatic opening & closing ; The R800 is a heavy-duty bandsaw with a wide blade, expressly designed, structured and sized to be equipped with a mechanical workpiece feeding unit. It is dimensioned to withstand the high power of the main motor and the high cutting rate, and can accept sawblades of 80 mm width.
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  • Part Number: 19696
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Product Description
  • Model R800
  • Wheel diameter 800 mm
  • Max under guides 400 mm
  • Max Opening Blade to Feed 250 mm
  • Max Opening - Blade to Fence 250 mm
  • Max Blade Width 80 mm
  • Blade Length 5530-5380 mm (18'1")
  • Blade Speed 28.5 m/min
  • Table Height 950 mm
  • Floor Area 2220 x 1550 mm
  • Weight 700 kg
  • Air Pressure 6-8 Bar
  • motor Power 15hp
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number 19696
Manufacturer Centauro

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