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Used Tregarne RF Wood Welder

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Weld Glue Joints in Seconds - The Woodwelder has been used in the woodworking industry for over 30 years. The R.F. generator produces radio waves, via a pair of triode valves. The R.F. is then modified to 27 megahertz and passed down the coaxial cable to the hand gun. The electrodes on the hand gun are placed over the glue line and when the trigger on the hand gun is activated the radio waves pass into the glue line. The Radio waves vibrate the water molecules in the glue, this vibration causes heat and the heat sets off the glue, all within 5 seconds.

* Tough construction of components.
* Timer for adjustable cure length with "elapsed" buzzer.
* Easily visible power needle.
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Part Number: 20161
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Technical Specification


  • * Supply : 240 volt / 50hz (standard 13-amp 3-pin plug).
  • * Generator frequency: Nominal 27.2 Mhz
  • * Size : 66 x 43 x 44cm (H x W x D)
  • * Weight : 55kg
  • * Curing speed : 3 - 10 seconds per weld
  • * Penetration : 50mm effective
  • Serial number 589
  • Model 4000T

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