Whitehill Window Rebate+Groove D=125 B=80 d=30

This versatile adjustable rebating & weather strip tool is an essential for joinery companies who make weather proof windows and doors. It can be used as a normal rebate block but it also has serrated slots to add extra cutters allowing you to recess Eurogroove profile for hardware.

This version is supplied complete with removable 3mm groove cutters on the edge of the rebate and create a weather strip groove in one pass.

We also offer standard moulding block to be mounted above the rebate block, with suitable spacers, to form a profile on the corners of the frame. The block is supplied with tungsten carbide rebate, groove and spur cutters only.
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$425 EX VAT
> Part Number: WH060A00400
The approximate lead time for this product is 3 days.
Product Description
  • D = 125 mm
  • B = 80 mm
  • Z = 4
  • d = 30 mm
  • Serrated Slots = 2
  • Grooving Tools = 2 x 3mm
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number WH060A00400
Manufacturer Whitehill
Dia D= [mm] N/A

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